HGV/LGV Remapping

HGV/LGV Remapping


Have a van, truck, or even a fleet? Here at Diagnostic Doctor we specialise in HGV/LGV tuning and remapping and we can save you money.


All our tuning and remapping is done in house. We personally pride ourselves in recalibrating management systems without spoiling any of the principle reasons for buying the vehicle in the first place.


We believe that the key selling points of our remaps are their fabulous low down tractability, their reliability and of course the all-important fuel economy should never ever be compromised, and as professional engine calibrators we know it need not be.




A remap from Diagnostic Doc will give you the following gains;



  • More Horsepower
  • More Torque
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Safer Overtaking
  • Better Fuel Economy


We guarantee fuel economy improvements of between 5 and 15% per vehicle.


**Savings stated depend on several factors, make, model, terrain, driver style, engine condition etc**


With the ever increasing cost of fuel, you have come to the right place to help you save money!




‘Why doesn’t the manufacturer offer this service straight from the factory?’


The answer is the manufacturer looks at cutting costs across the production line, so they produce a universal ECU to be exported worldwide, to work in all different types of countries and climates, to reduce manufacturing costs. Therefore it is our aim to get the best out of your ECU.

Our power gains and improved fuel economy are achieved by very careful matching of parameters such as boost pressure, fuel delivery rates & pump timing, along with adjustments to maps that electronically limit torque, throttle response and top speed. All this information in your ECU calibration file is carefully optimised to our exacting standards. It is then programmed back into your ECU and the new and improved vehicle is ready to go.
Our aim when recalibrating your vehicle is always to gain the perfect mix of increased power and torque, whilst affording the driver some incredible fuel economy improvements at the same time. Of course we retain all the safety parameters originally programmed into the engine management system as standard, so as to protect your engine and drive train from damage.
Many other so called calibrators remove these features as they do not know how to do the job properly so they take short cuts. We are so confident in the results our service provides, that we offer a free 7 day trial.
If you have a fleet and would like to test our product, what we would ask you to do is to choose and monitor one vehicle over a period of 7 days of its fuel consumption. We will then come and read your vehicle and produce a map for it, load it on and ask you to then monitor it for a further 7 days to see the difference. We will provide driver instructions to help you get the best out of your vehicle. In the unlikely event of you not being completely satisfied, we will return the ECU to its original factory settings and there will be no charge.
We can offer this great mobile national service from as little as £350 per HGV and £200 per LGV. We are competitively priced and feel that our prices are fair for the great service we offer. Most of our remaps can be completed in less than 2 hours to minimise the cost of your ‘downtime.’